Monday, April 30, 2007



madmounty said...

my name is thomas williams. i showed you my sketch book threw one of your students. i was hoping it would be possible to maybe meet up to get a critique in person? if your too buisy i understand, if not matt that passed the sketch book has my email.

thank you already for you time
thomas williams

Dela said...

Hi Thomas ,I had your e-mail on sticky and of course lost it ,I will ask Matt for your adress today.Then we can go from there.

Rumble Bum said...

... a to je sumi znaci. Ovaj rad mi se svidja bas..... neman pojma zasto, jednostavno ima spurijus dobar.

Dela said...

Hvala ti, i meni se svidja iz istih razloga. Nema tu bas puno kontrole
curi voda pa gdje stane.

Ana Banana said...

ah ha! That's how you do it!

nice. thanks for the lesson, "teacher."

Dela said...

You are welcome.
Cheers Ana.