Friday, April 13, 2007

Stubborn Insect


Rumble Bum said...

super, jel ovo isto skenirano kroz mangu, il si crtao u njoj solo?

Dela said...

Crtez je napravljen kistom u grubo ,zatim je skaniran u mangicu i u njoj
je onda su dodani ovi detalji ,brze mi ide tako .
I hvala.

hrvoje said...

jel ovo onaj rakun od ispod ispalio pa se pretvorio u
ogromnog insekta?

Dela said...

Ma ne nego su se rakuni uplasili od ovoga stvora i zbrisali na krov.

karikatura - cartoon said...

dobro no teško da će svladat tu neman

Clive said...

Amazing new stuff. No time to keep up of late. Mudbox stuff is incredible. Keep up the great posting!

Dela said...

Hey Clive thank you ,nice to hear from you .Cheers

Ana Banana said...

This is how I felt when I found a scorpion near my bed. At first, I screamed -- great fear and disgust -- and then I took action...a drinking glass as my weapon. Ana in nature...fears creepy crawly things the most -- mountain lions and bears, too.

Nice drawing, by the way.

I am glad I am one of your favorite guests, Dela. You are one of my favorite bloggers.

Dela said...

Scorpion should be slower when the weather is cold ,Maybe your had some kind of flu.
Feed the bears and mountain lions and everything will be OK.
They like freebies.

Ana Banana said...

yes, haha...some kind of flu...wanted to stay warm with me. this scorpion was very slow -- lucky for me. If it had been any faster, I would have really FREAKED OUT! Yes, well I didn't have any meat scraps around for the mountain lion...maybe nuts and fruit? here kitty, kitty...I think it might have enjoyed my dog as a freebie though.

I am very brave nature girl.

ciao, for now, my friend.

Dela said...

I don't know ,if I am going to wilderness I just like to go near to water,that way I can wash ,you know
shaving, brush the tooth ,that kind of stuff.Even in winter time I like to be near the water.
We never had mountain lions in my country maybe some kind of wild cats,
small ,fast and hungry ,lot's of scorpions in Dalmatia. So I see your point.I spent two winters in the middle of nowhere wasn't vacation, just some kind of stupid