Monday, April 23, 2007

another day ,another sumi


Ana Banana said...

You are turning into a Sumi-Superman!

Since it is another day, Anabanana can leave another comment! I am trying to ration my comments for your sake, Dela.

I'll comment on this one tomorrow so I have an excuse to come back again.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Awesome as usual, all of these.
Sorry for me dropping out with my visits, I am fucked a bit atm health vise, and that translates into everything else.
Should get better by the weekend, or at least find out what's wrong.


Dela said...

Jebiga ,zao mi je ,ponekad i ja imam nekakve anxiety attacks ,vise onako siichki ( psihichki ).
Thank you very much my friend.
Ana you can comment any time you want.

Ana Banana said...

are you sure? Dela? about giving me a free invitation to comment whenever I want?! ;o) That makes me VERY happy! since I like seeing my words splattered EVERYWHERE. Now is there a word limit? I thought maybe I was a big pest and nuisance. I have yet to prove to you that I am a BIG pest. You see Anabanana leads very boring life and sits in front of computer all day anticipating your every next image just so I can leave you comments! You are one of my favorite bloggers, Dela, if not the favorite...very mysterious and quiet man you are...yet you are transparent too. I see you...I have x-ray vision. hehe.

These are great sketches by the way.

Dela said...

Misterious ? No.I am just not so eloquent like Milenko.
I am also sitting all day infront of my PC ;).
Doodling ,very childish habit.
And thank you.

Ana Banana said...

oh, I bet you are eloquent in Croatian language...and one day I'm going to translate all that you've written in Croatian language on your blog to find out more of your big mystery. Okay, you say NOT mysterious, but you seem to be very quiet in computer language. Yes, you are a man, a mystery in don't blab as much as women. But something else too that I see in your work. Maybe I imagine. I have a big imagination too. And if you are not mysterious, tell me one secret about yourself. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. And if you can't come up with one secret, then you are mysterious man to yourself.

you sure you want me to leave as many comments as I want.


Okay, I'll leave you alone and go back to being mature adult. now I draw a picture...maybe you -- monkeybot

Ana Banana said...

one last comment though...

your few words about my ocean painting were very eloquent and poetic.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice assortment of images , I esp like the bottom piece.

Dela said...

OK na here is the secret ,All this sketches and doodles are just warm-ups for my graphic novel.
You know ,European way, concept ,script ,drawing, coloring , that kind of logistic nightmare.
Of course I will remain mysterious about the title ,story etc.
And thank you.

Dela said...

Thank you Dominic ,the bottom one is
my favorite too.

Ana Banana said...

OH! WOW! Dela that is great! Graphic Novel! Yes, that is a secret...therefore you are NOT a mysterious man! although the fact that you will not reveal title and story...that might make you a tiny bit mysterious! How about a hint?

Just kidding.

Okay, friend...can't wait to see your graphic novel. I will be first in line to want a peek.

bye for today.