Thursday, April 26, 2007



Ana Banana said...


How many times can I tell you your work is beautiful? You seem to be getting better and better with each image. Each image surpasses the last one with this Sumi technique.

This technique is my favorite from all that I've seen on your blog. It is more expressive and kind of dreamy and mysterious looking -- which I like a lot.

Ana Banana said...

by the way, there is something about the quality of some of your work that reminds me of "Songs from the Second Floor" -- a great movie by a Swedish director, Roy Andersson -- a favorite movie of mine. Mysterious, surreal, and profound.

Dela said...

Yes I think this technique has some
sentimental value in it.Like old movies ,faded memories ,that kind of stuff.
I will check that movie.
And thank you Ana.

Rumble Bum said...

... meni je sve ovo vrhunsko, nego kada mi, strip fanovi, mozemo ocekivati tvoj novi strip... jel se radi na njemu... jel se nesto ceka... izdavac... postoji li scenario... kaj se dogadja:)

Alfred Llupia said...

Great direct sketches Dela.Greatinks!

Dela said...

Rumble Bum-Hvala ti ,na stripu se radi ,to je sve sto ti za sada mogu reci .
Alfred-Thank you very much ,gracias.