Sunday, April 15, 2007

Honey I am home


karikatura - cartoon said...

sve OK,

Dominic Bugatto said...

Cool, like it .

Dela said...

karikatura-cartoon -hvala
Thank you Dominic

Ana Banana said...

this is how I felt when I returned home.

I am glad to be back because now I can pester you all day.

just kidding. I won't pester you all day, just part of day.

Dela said...

He he no problem ,I know the feeling
when you are coming from vacation to the usual "normal " life.

Ana Banana said...

actually, dela, I am happier to be home because I really prefer drawing pictures all day on my computer and pestering you. I just pretend to be nature adventure girl so that I appear to be more interesting.


bye for now.

Dela said...

Yes I know what you mean ,we getting more and more tied to the Wacom tablet and stuff ,luckily there is laptops so you can go camping and draw some digital sketches ,and then you need some really solid special forces laptop for that ,waterproof
and on solar batteries and really expensive ,somehow I don't think that would be Mac.So maybe it is much better to stay at home and just do your stuff.