Thursday, April 19, 2007

Confessions of sumi addict


Ana Banana said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love this! the one on the bottom is exquisite -- my favorite. You make me want to try Sumi.

I am too lazy though...

Dela said...

If you want try ,try with that sumi sticks not the paste.
They are more fun.

Dela said...

And thank you Ana

Ana Banana said...

I thought sumi was Is sumi stick like charcoal?

Alfred Llupia said...

I love the treatment you do with sumi..Great sketches again!Greetings Dela.

Dela said...

Hey Ana ,sumi can be in two differrent shapes :
in stick ,so you can grind that on some Japanese stone cup ,that's like really cool ,then you put some water
and the rest is predictable ,
the other way is sumi ink ,very thick one ,comes in bottles ,you put that in some kind of cup ,little bit water ,and that basically it.
I am not the expert at all .That,s all I know about it.
Hope it helps.
Cheers Ana.

Dela said...

Gracias Alfred ,thanks for visiting ,

FerdinandKreozot said...

Awesome, more!



Dela said...

Hey Milenko ,thank you.