Saturday, April 07, 2007

Anti Easter Bunny


Ana Banana said...

laughing, Dela...

very funny!


That AntiBunny looks kind of bug like!

Big Smile!

Dela said...

Hey Ana thanks ,you know after "Alien" and Giger design everything is bug like ,I am totally
PC got few of them they are not Jaguars or Aston Martins more hot rods.You never know with PC even when you know ,and with my accent I don't
thin Mac would understand me.

Ana Banana said...

Yes, i can see how you've been influenced by Giger. So you're a PC guy... yes, certainly not a Jaguar or the Aston Martin.

I used PC years ago until I threw it out the window. Now forever Mac girl...a Jaguar, yes.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Awesome "bunny".
Yer zbrushing movies don't work, I was really keen to see them. Hope it's temporary.
And the Muadd'ib sketch below is cool too. Made me smile. I actually read Dune books, as I had nothing else to do athte time. The last one was when Paul's son turned into a Shai Hulud or something.
Then I discovered Metabarons and Incal stories, and then I thought that Dune was gay. now, years later I understand more and I like it all.
Cheers and off I go to break some eggs with my children and teach them how to throw eggs at the passing cars. They are doing it all wrong. Then we will go to some park with friends and play basketball, chew on some roasted pork and drink good old JamesBoag, best beer this side of Equator.
Also, to comment on that PC/mac conversation (completely non-invited) i used both.
I am surprised that mac people did not discover that they can put second button on the mouse, but other than that, it's a nifty machine. But like all men, I like my data processing hardware to have at least 20-30 thick cables hanging off it in any direction and people visiting my den tripping all over them at any given time.
Also, thing is, Mac comes out of the box all white clean and neat And pc is this messy platform but you can put all these things on it to pimp it up. And I like to brag about my PC, as I can not afford a decent car. Si I drive 1500 bucks, 17 year old GM, but I have $5K PC sitting on my desk, all with the 512meg worth of video cards that any software hardly ever uses, enough ram to work on a 600DPI 1000 layers PSD file (which I never do)...
And somehow, having all this hardware sitting there makes my penis feel bigger...
Als, for the end,
MAC feels so pure and so angelic and PC is like a filthy whore.
And for some reason, more people I know lean towards the second one.




Ana Banana said...

somehow you always get back to talk of your penis, Milenko.

Now I know men who talk so much about their penis and always make pictures of big penis EVERYWHERE and buy expensive and POWERFUL PC were concerned with their penis size.


and why don't you comment back to me in your blog? I see there is a deleted comment. Was that you? Did you say something bad? I bet you did.

Bad MIlenko.

Ana Banana said...

I apologize for talk of penis on your blog, Dela...but Milenko started.

Bye you guys.

Dela said...

My PC is like 80's Dodge Charger
you know "Wanishing Point".
Well I got two ,one is for surfing ,another one for working.
Thank you guys ,glad you like the rabbit.