Sunday, April 08, 2007

Zbrushing or Z rushing


FerdinandKreozot said...

Polycount on that thingy looks pretty high. Can you rez it down once you are done?
How's the polyflow once you rez it down?
Or is it just a bit of artsy-fartsy fun :) ?
Regrdless, your skill displayed there is pretty damn good :)
I like the mirror modelling as well.
Can you turn it off to do asymetrical shapes?
Ahh so many questions...
Thanks for sharing,


Dela said...

Yes ,polycount count is high ,there is no way to rez it down to something reasonably big ,you can do deformation maps in it for some cleaner model built in something .
You can switch off symmetry mode.
Artsy fartsy fun :)
I am using that for illustration,not
And thank you.
Cheers Milenko

FerdinandKreozot said...

Last 3D model I did was a monster boss for the last game we finished. it had about 4K polies, and some 512 map on it. Did it off my own bat, which was stupid as it did not make it to the final game.
I will show it to you once, if you are keen.
Guys downstairs are working on a next-gen stuff and they use Zbrush/mudbox for generating normal maps for their XSI models, but I did not ask them any questions yet, that's why I'm asking you.
As for using zbrush for ilustration, it is really cool. Probably the best way to use it.
Recently, I started using max for my concepting, just for the perspective reference and some lighting stuff.
It is funny how I thought it blasphemy to even use white-out in my "early days", I was soo religious about doing things without any aids. Once I got into commercial designing, tracing, photocopying and white-outing became a norm, and then everything else creeped in.
Nowdays, I would stop at nothing and would probably sell my ass to satan himself only to get better at what i do.
Which brings me to Giger.
His butt must be sore from all the reamming he gets from the dark lord :)
But his stuff is cool.

Thanks for sharing your skill,



PS. imam osjecaj da ti zatrpavam blog svojim glupim postovima, te cu da ohladim malo odsada. Pokusacu da budem kratak i konkretan.

Budi dobar :)

Dela said...

Nemoj ti care nista hladiti ,blog je zato da se traca na njemu.
I am using AC3D for building my reference files.When I was on my latest 3D show the process was like this :
roughs of the props , bg-s and
the characters in Open Canvas or Painter ,and then I built some simple reference files or more detailed depends ,then I printed that from Photoshop with find the edges ,then it is time for drawing
all the glamorous details .
So modelers are provided with detailed drawing ,you know open doors closed that kind of stuff ,color key ,and reference model in obj. format
all that under the same name on our big hard drive.
It was only 3 of us in the art department on that show ,art director ,painter and concept artist and we managed to do 24 episodes in time.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Mudbox is fun,neat work !!