Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WTF ?!


Ana Banana said...


very funny, Dela! "WTF" expression is priceless.

Dela said...

He looks like me when I am trying to remeber client phone number.
Cheers Ana

Ana Banana said...


you look like you might belong in asylum, too, Dela.

Dela said...

Why not ,three meals a day ,clean cloths and laundry ,nobody expect from you to speak English,you can invent your own language,you can draw there ,nobody will publish that of course,the only problem is to figured out how to avoid to be sedated, it is not asylum it is sanctuary.

FerdinandKreozot said...

I do not see what the problem with sedating is, but I do understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea :) If I could sleep through the rest of my life, I would. I feel the best when I sleep (probably because I get only a few hours evey night)
I have a friend, still back in the old place, he is a journalist of sorts, and he said that the only way for him to leave the old country is an official guarantee from someone official that he will be institutionalised in his new country of residence for the rest of his existance, in a nice asylum near the sea shore.
On the other topic, this is one of the best characters I've seen you do lately, he is full of personality, realistic enough and yet full of quirk, in that special way of yours :)
Cheers to you,


Dela said...

I had that problem with insomnia ,tried everything ,sleeping pills didn't work ,exercising was OK ,of course I did too much ,at the end I was able to do push-up on thumb one hand so that was affecting my inking he he,beer is OK ,
Then I realized that insomnia is good for freelance if the freelance isn't
too demanding .Unfortunately there is less and less of that.
I know what you mean about this character ,working on my stuff now and I am really trying to pill all the layers of all the styles I did in last few years.
Cheers my friend.

Ana Banana said...

hahaha...you are very funny, lately, Dela. I am laughing out loud! I missed this one yesterday...the only time you give me more than 5 words! And that's not fair, you gave Milenko about 100 this time.

Yes, asylum is nice place...It's my home away from home and have made many great friends...Cleopatra, Jesus Christ, and the Queen of England! I just have to figure out how they can all fit into my suitcase, because we are planning a break soon. shhhhh...

I personally enjoy being sedated, too. Sleeping is my number one hobby. And I do lots of it! 15 hours a day at least. THis is where I do all of my painting and where I visit all my blogger friends...especially you Dela.

Ana Banana said...

and you might try a baseball bat over the head for insomnia. It works for my husband.

Dela said...

Well I got my moments, Milenko is friend from old country, so we have more
Stuff to share, you know ,usual stuff , terrible inflation ,brotherhood and unity ,
Nationalism, civil war, emigration, life in foreign country ,English second language ,
Some strange European comics, even more strange eastern European sense of humour,
Really strange drinks, plum brandy for example, all this basic primitive stuff almost on the level of the genetic make-up.
With you I am sharing good positive stuff, sailing, good books, good movies ,
Art, unfortunately there is still more of that above stuff in me so that’s the reason my messages to Milenko are longer.
I am really trying to go to that civilised side, maybe one day,
My daughters are there and that is really comforting. God bless first generation of emigrants.
Cheers Ana

Ana Banana said...

haha...Dela, civilized side, ey?

okay, I wait for day that you come more to my civilized world. Then we can have LONG chat about normal stuff, like why you and Milenko are f___ing crazy!

I'm jealous.

How about third generation immigrant?

I think we are screwed. Don't know what the hell culture to be! I got plenty to talk about, DEla!!!!!!!

It's full moon today and I get more crazy. So I won't pester you anymore today!

Ana Banana said...

and I KNEW you KNEW how to write ENGLISH!

you slavics...