Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My best friend and worst enemy


muir said...

roll on, smogi, roll on!

FerdinandKreozot said...

In another words- you.
Good Psychiatrist would explain all of it to you, not that I myself ever visited one (Nor was I ever diagnosed with post traumatic stress Syndrome, nor do I have a certificate stating it in a certain medica terms which-if I had it- I would keep handy just in case I loose it and beat up someone one day).
I am definately glad to see you do these :)
Smogy boy rocks the house!
Looking forward to more,
Your pal,


Dela said...

Muir-Thank you I will try ,this time
I have something to say.
Milenko- That's the reason I married psychologist in my rare lucid moments, (dilucida intervala)ha ha that will be great title for the comics.
I remember when I came to Canada 15 years ago,it was Sunday morning and I went to see the client ,freelance routine you know ,so I missed my street car station and found myself in some strange part of town
vent to to nearest convenience store to ask for the direction ,on my way out I met two guys and one of them asked :"Why are you looking at me? ".I felt immediately at home ,the linguistic,racial and cultural differences just didn't existed any more.I switched to Smogy Boy mode and everything was OK.
All that homesick blues just vanished.
Cheer my friend ,

FerdinandKreozot said...

Haha isn't that one of those questions...
I remember, when I was a kid going to school, street thugs had many ploys to provoke a fight, one of them was a weird question:
"would you fuck my mother?"
Saying "yes" granted you a beating and saying "no" prompted comment: "so you think you're better than my father?" followed by a beating.
Correct answer was always to run like hell :)
As for marrying psychologist, I got you one better: I married a shop assistant/beauty therapist.
Mentally I am a wreck, but good news is that I get discounted lollies, my bikini lines are neat and tidy, and I get a free acrylic nails any time I ask for a set :)


Dela said...

So some kind of mixture of two of us will be beautiful ,mentally healthy and really, really boring person.
Somehow I feel much better about myself.
Thank you .
Now back to rats.

Ana Banana said...

Ah hah!

I see...

you! slavic men...I don't know. I think they are missing marbles in their heads.

learn something new every day!

you keep on divulging your secrets to MIlenko. And I keep spying to find out more about you. You never tell me any of your secrets! Shame on you! And yet you speak in ENGLISH as if you want english speaking people to know!

I leave now forever!

Ana Banana said...

never coming back!

I find another victim for my affections.

Ana Banana said...