Saturday, May 12, 2007

Flash Delic and Carebot


Ana Banana said...


Flash dElic?! As in some kind of manic comic SUPERHERO? You look like you are on acid...or maybe TOO much beer! You slow down,'s time to take a're looking kind of obsessive compulsive here. You have graphic novel on the brain! I particularly love your hair and that psycho look in your eyes. And the kitty to the left side going for your mouse...that is priceless! hahahaha!

I'm just trying to figure out what creature to the right of you pal?

Careboot is beautiful. It doesn't look like a boot though. :o)

Dela said...

He he thanks ,I just noticed that I misspelled ,it should be Bot like shorter for robot ,not boot like shoes stuff, too much beer ,that happened when you switch from Stella to Heineken ,mixing is not good.
I still remember that cheesy version of Flash Gordon Movie with that Queen music ,so this is homage to that.
Acid wasn't my stuff ,working class neighborhood kid , from Lenin's Park ,we just did lot's of beer.
I will fix that spelling .
Cheers Ana.

Dela said...

The creature to the right is evil beer genie ,sometimes he is crawling between the skull and brain of passionate beer drinkers ,that is usually happening Saturday morning with unbearable sound of Saturday Morning Cartoons.
The exorcism for that demon is done with lot's of strong short espresso's.I think that I am getting darker from large amount of espresso's.

Ana Banana said...

hahahahahhhh...I see now, Carebot! okay, that makes sense now. I don't think I've seen Flash Gordon movie...I was more into Dances with Wolves and that sort of girly thing. I know of Queen music from 70's..."is this the real life, is this just fantasy..." blah, blah, blah. "mama just killed a man..." That one I remember.

I prefer IPA most times. Or Corona on summer day with slice of lime. I like dark beers best...more flavor and feel warm faster.

I never did drugs as youngster, I lived in fantasy world for years naturally. Although now they force me to take my drugs here in asylum. When teenager, beer...good...lots of it...then it was Heineken or Coors or Miller...the cheap stuff. Lenin's Park... sounds like a movie. I will check that out.

Ahhhh...evil beer genie...I see, I think I like evil beer genie...he looks very mischievous. does evil beer genie watch cartoons? I have evil caffeine genie with head that turns all the way around and vomits pea soup... can only be exorcised by lots of wine...or beer.

Dela said...

Lenin's park was the neighborhood I grow up ,somewhere between the main bus terminal and the main railroad station ,really nice part of town ,hookers ,alcoholics ,pick pockets ,
tugs ,pedophiles that kind of stuff,
Lenin abandoned us long time ago.
Still remember the smell of my 'hood
cheap food ,cheap cigarettes , cheap alcohol and everybody trying hard to look European.

Dela said...

I love this guy stuff ,looks so much like my 'hood

FerdinandKreozot said...

This is one of my favourite posts, once again.
I guess I am a sucker for a good cartoon.
I like the expression,play on scale of the pc monitor, the fact that the mouse is the mouse... hehe.
Everything about it is funny.
Robot is very sweet, something for my favourites :)

Cheers to you,


muir said...

ah, slađušni su oba! obožavam robote kojih se ne bojim (hmm...nadam se samo da ti nije palo na pamet napraviti frape od cicamace).
a i delica mi je baš simpa (vidi, molim te, imaš ekran isti moj :). odmah mi je pala na pamet pjesma "delam kot zamorc" od janija kovačića što bijaše, uz buldožere, popularna u moje vrijeme (ups).

Dela said...

Thank you Milenko ,this was done on the Saturday morning cofee ritual ,
finally the Costa Rica cofee came ,my auntie is ordering that from Internet ,he he she is Bosnian,they know their coffee.I felt really good to laugh to myself ,healthy habit I almost forgot.Thank you for reminding me of that.
Muir- Znam tu pjesmu ,jos uvijek se sjecam tog vristeceg refrena,prije nekoliko mjeseci Buldozeri su imali koncert u Zagrebu i imali interwiev na omladinskom radiju ,ha ha tamo ih se vise nitko i ne sjeca.
Roboti su fina razbibriga,mozak na pashu i crtas.
Drago mi je da ti se svidjaju.

Anonymous said...

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