Wednesday, May 16, 2007



Ana Banana said...

This looks familiar...and I would give you lots of FRIENDLY comments,

but I just ran out of time, Dela!

so I'm not going to tell you any LONG stories.

bye, not friend. :o)

Ana Banana said...

What is Ana to say, no picture today as of yet. I think she is early maybe.

I hope you understand my sense of humor, Mr. Dela...and not take it personally. I do have more than a bit of New York in me and can have sharp and sarcastic edge...but all in good humor, my friend.

:o) oh, and I'm also a bit insane...sometimes I forget to take my medication. At least my husband gets brunt of my pestering...and my dog.


bye for today, my friend. I'll check back when I have more TIME!