Thursday, May 03, 2007

Homage a Gimenez


Ana Banana said...

This is BEAUTIFUL, by the way.

FerdinandKreozot said...

They are all great.
You post too fast, I barely get the time to digest one, and there's 3 more allready posted.
And then I do not know should I comment on each one or get them all together..
Anyhow, this one is sweet but for some reason,to me, feels more Frezzato (keepers of the maser) than Gimenez. But it could be Just me.
Rank Xerox post below is great. You captured his attitude just right.
First time I saw the comic in "Comicon" many years ago, I drooled for about 45 minutes. Got many of his books since, but the colour reproduction in Comicon was the best ever. I carried those stupid magazines with me all the way here, and now they sit proudly on my shelf :)
Long live Liberatore!

Cheers to your work,



Jaxel said...

Hi Goran.
That piece is very cool. I'm Jeff i'm in your class at max. I apologize for missing most of this weeks classes. I'm a server and tuition payments are due. I'm in a cash business so I had to choose making money this week so I could clear the deadline for cash. I just wanted to say that being in your class was very inspirational and a great learning experience. You did very well for your first time.
Thanks again.

Dela said...

U Luci sam sreo Lieratorea, uto vvrijeme je imao ove japanske kistove za punjenje.Imao je potpuno plave usne od nekakvih jeli supstanci i moja zena Zrinka ga je zamolila da joj nesto nacrta u sketchbook ,on je nesto srao s njom i onako polusvjestan nesto sarao ,ja sam se skoro naljutio ,kao sta se proserava ,i onda sam kasnije vidio crtez ,e jebiga,carobnjak.Regarding the posts ,I got that urge for cruising speed ,
To tell the story ,maybe I am wrong,
we will see.
Anyway ,cheers my friend.

Dela said...

hey Jeff ,it was inspirational for me too ,I got something from you guys too,so thank you.

Ana Banana said...

I see...teacher!