Monday, May 14, 2007

Journalist from the New Yorker)

A journalist from the New Yorker
asks a question, then I
answer and he writes it all
down in a little Moleskin

When he catches me looking
at his notes
he quickly covers the page with his palm
like we're at the same table
and I'm trying to cheat



Ana Banana said...

yes, they're all paranoid in New York...and a bunch of fruitcakes!

New York City is the only place where you can get beaten up for saying hello with a big smile!

Dela said...

How about Lenin's Park ?
Same problem ,paranoia is global problem.

Rumble Bum said...

How about Balkan places. You don't need to say hello, just look'm it the eyes... ova dva portreta gori si nacrta strava!

Dela said...

I know that one,Hvala ti .

Ana Banana said...

yes, paranoia global problem...but not everywhere here in the USA. In San Francisco area strangers are friendly, smile at each other, say hello, without paranoia.

East coast people have very sharp edge at first, mistrustful, but once friends...they are like close family...will go to battle for each other. West coast, very friendly, trusting, accepting of differences, but never like close family.

Have you ever been to New York, Dela?

muir said...

volim tu moleskin tekicu. nije iz snobovskih razloga, tita mi, oduševljava me staroviški izgled. još uvijek nisam pročitala sarajevo blues :( …nije do vremena; nikako da skupim dovoljno psihičke energije za upustiti se u teške teme. moja su štiva već godinama sve lakša i lakša…

Dela said...

I was in New York few times ,little bit too nervous for my taste.From the business point of view great.Well I don't know Ana,recently I was just disappointed in that institution of friendship. I just lost my faith.
Long story.Or maybe I simply don't have time for friends.Ha ha to busy for friendship.One more fuck-up of the globalization.
Cheers Ana.
Imam i ja moleskin ,ona gumica je razlog a i kozica.Papir nije los ali nasao sam bolje tekice za crtanje ,bojli papir ,moleskin koristim samo za pisanje .Nisam ni ja citao Sarajevo Blues ,samo njegove pjesme.

Ana Banana said...
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