Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Manta Jets

H he don't ask


Ana Banana said...



This image is so COOL -- I love it! One of your best yet!

God! HOw do you work so fast? I must be very lazy, Dela.

Dela said...

Thank you ,finally my monitor is calibrated properly :)
I got some chain of softwares ,legal ones :) calling that my kung fu, It is finally getting somewhere after few really humbling years. In my field you should have cruising speed to deliver stuff fast and maybe good.
Btw glad you like Mersad Berber you should see his originals ,so full of memories .

Ana Banana said...

Yes, well you certainly have cruising speed and you work is good.

Have you seen Mersad's work in person? -- why so full of memories I wonder.

Dela said...

yes I saw his work few times ,his paintings looks really old ,some kind of mixture of memorabilia sketches in different techniques ,pastel ,oils,pencil etc. all in one canvas ,has almost scrapbook quality ,technique is perfect so it looks like some kind memories from long time ago.
The frames, canvas papers everything is aged.People loves that old feel in his stuff.
Hope this helps.

Ana Banana said...

ah, yes, I see. I thought maybe you had some personal attachment to his work through an experience. Yes, his work has that aged feel to it...reminiscent and nostalgic quality. Thanks for explaining

Dela said...

you are very welcome