Monday, March 05, 2007




Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice bunch' o faces.

The top bloke reminds of David Lynch;)

Dela said...

Thank you Dominic ,you are right ,
looks like him.
He he hommage a Mr. Lynch.

Drazen said...

Great sketches
love the guy in the bottom left

Dela said...

Thank you Drazen .Yes that guy has something to say.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Well, I am finally out of depression and fatigue, if even for a short while :)
And I got to catch up with all the cool work since my last visit.
I love them all, as usual. The cat with the machine gun, few posts down, kicks arse, and monsters are uber cool.
I really enjoy how everything is mainstream, but has that "dela" quirk.
Rustu robot, just below the cat, reminds me of some of the old Pahek's work, which is a very good thing.
What ever happened with his Asteroidians, that was hilarious stuff.
I saw some of him published in Heavy Metal, I think...
Well now, it's back on track for me now,
Thanks for your work, it always brings joy.
Cheers to you,

(it would have been Miljenko if my father was sober at the time :) )

Dela said...

Hi Miljenko ,thank you for noticing the twist that's comforting news after all this years in the pipe-
line of the Canadian animation.
Last year when I was in Paris I saw
Pahek graphic novel on the shelves .
this is the link for his stuff .
Moby Dick is the name of the albums.
Brilliant idea. Totally fits his style ,SF Moby Dick .
No need to say that I really enjoy
stuff no your blogg .You know that.

Dela said...

Soory for misspelling your name ,
Milenko .

FerdinandKreozot said...

Hehe. They both count.
My city council registry has me down as Milenko and my baptism certificate says Miljenko.
And both of those names almost got me killed at various stages of that funny war going on back in the old country in the past century :)
And fun fact is- every time I tried to use either to my advantage, it backfired.
So do not worry, you can't get me wrong.


Dela said...

ha ha same here ,With my name Goran
Delic you can be whatever you want to be.Imagine the freedom .

Rumble Bum said...

Hahahahaha, "normal" people don't fckn understand U 2, but I do. I'm steeeeeel here, and today, thanks to dear God, its past.....

Dela said...

I never sad that I am normal ,
obican morlak nista drugo.
And I really hope it's past.