Friday, November 18, 2005


Just came back from Paris,vent there to recharge batteries an to see few friendship was great schmoosing again trough all that comic book stores and museums,my legs still hurts,ha ha.
Paris wasn't that expensive like I thought it will be.It was great,Stela Artois tasted little bit different in good way,friends are ok,one of them is cameraman for some French channel so he was difficult to catch because of the stuff happening
there but we finally met after so many years.
My 'hood in Paris.


Another drawing from my sketchbook,it started as pencil drawing then I vent to
Photoshop for some coloring.


One very embarassed robot,markers drawing from my sketchbook.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tavern in swamp

This started as sketch for some forum and
then I put some color,It is tavern in swamp.

Well I have this idea for long time,some
kind of Bestiarius for the intro of my never
finished graphic novel,it must be perfect and
all that.This was done digital,I am really
getting there,it was hell at the beginning,I
am not the part of that generation.Sometimes
I still have that fear of the machine.