Monday, November 20, 2006



Clive said...

Trying to figure out what you're using. This looks like good old graphite; the ones below look like they could be scanned and adjusted drawings with embellishment on them. They look great; I particularly like the loose sketchy drawing below with the more formal cross hatching imposed on it. I'm trying to think of a word to describe your about 'fecund'. Loving the posts!

Clive said...

Can't resist another long winded comment. I don't have high speed and your thumbnail image sizes are large so they load slowly. But I just took some time to go back and look at everything again, all of the thingies you've posted since you started the blog. Amazing, and such brisk, flagrant and diverse experimentation. Perfect blog material! I think I can see how you are able to bring all your previous media experimentation to drawing and painting digitally, and can finally understand the enthusiasm you had for it years ago. BEst, C.

Dela said...

Hi Clive ,This drawing was done with black prismacolor pencil,
no smudging since I am lefthended,on Bienfang marker lay-out paper.That paper has such nice tooth in it.The other sketch was first done in my sketchbook ,and then scanned in software properly named Manga Studio.I am working on my comic in Manga Studio.And you are so right ,finally I have figured out my chain of software and hardware ,I am calling that "my kung-fu" .Now I must do something with that,preferably graphic novel.